Why fire protection systems are important for your business?

Businesses need fire protection systems that will protect persons as well as property and assets.  With the release of Standards businesses should be aware of the fire protection systems required, how they should be used, and what steps should be taken to be compliant. Fire protection systems include various devices designed to diminish or eliminate the threat of a fire event.  Fire protection systems include detection devices such as smoke detectors, fire response systems such as sprinklers, fire safety equipment such as extinguishers or blankets, and a fire emergency plan that supports and maintains the equipment.

To reduce the risk of a fire event at your business and to minimize damage or injuries, consider implementing a comprehensive fire emergency plan that includes detectors, extinguishers, and a proper inspection and maintenance schedule. It is important to note that the type of detectors and extinguishers that you install at your facility greatly depends on the types of fire risks present in the building and surrounding areas.  For example a facility that has a lot of cooking and kitchen areas would need a different class of fire extinguisher than a building that has a lot of electrical equipment.

According to  businesses need the following systems in place in order to be compliant:

  •     Smoke detection systems that are appropriate based on the fire risks at the facility
  •     Fire alarm systems that adequately alert personnel in and around the facility
  •     Fire extinguishers that are clearly labeled and placed in easily accessible areas of the facility and are suited to the types of fires that could occur
  •     Records of inspections and maintenance for all fire equipment

To meet the AS 1851-2012 standard businesses should work with a trained professional to conduct a fire risk assessment and evaluate the existing equipment, the areas where the fire safety equipment is located, the types of fire events that could occur, and review of existing maintenance records.

A high quality fire safety partner can evaluate your current facility and help you to build the right fire emergency plan for your business.  Also your fire safety partner can recommend the appropriate types of equipment that will protect persons and property while also keeping your business compliant with the Standard . When choosing a fire safety provider look for a company that has experience in serving your community and has extensive knowledge of  so that your business is compliant and safe from fire dangers.