PT.NAM INDONESIA Is Indonesian company involve in supply, Installation, Service and support of Pneumatic and accessories for supply system, Chemical industri,Food Processing Industri, Oil and Gas and mining project.And we became specialized by
offering complete solution one roof for all Type of hight quality

We work closely with our customers to gain a deeper understanding of their engineering needs.  We then connect our people, products and expertise to give their equipment and their business a clear advantage. This is what we call Engineering Advantage.

Today Norgren as an organization has evolved to offer some of the worlds leading product brands within the field of pneumatic motion and fluid controls. Many of these product brands are available on our webstore by clicking links below, others are more specialist technologies better served through contacting Norgren directly or reviewed in catalog form.

PT.NAM INDONESIA We here with would like to introduce and register our Company as your registered supplier  :

      I. Line Of Business :
         -  Agency / Master Distributorssories
         -  Norgren Pneumatic and Acce :
         -  API Pneumatic APP. and Accessories :
         -  Omal Pneumatic
         -  Midland Pneumatic
         -  Cylinder/Actuator, Vacuum,  Valve, Pressure Switches,Air Line
         -  (Filter, Regulator , Lubricator) , Fitting, Tubing,Speed Control ,
         -  Air Drier, and any other accessories.

     II. SupplementaryProducts : 
          -  WORTHINGTON Screw Air Compressor
          -  All Sparepart / Unit
          -  KINETROL  Rotary Actuator
          -  ACE Shock Absorber

      III.Repair :
        -  All Sparepart
        -  And Any Other