Fire protection system

Offers a complete range of Fire Protection services

PT.NAM INDONESIA  work with established manufacturers and suppliers to offers a complete range of Fire Protection services with UL and FM approval equipment.We provide Fire protection solution your project, from design through to product selection, installation and commissioning. Our UL and FM approved fire product range comprises of:

Gaseous extinguishing systems –Inergen, FM200, Novec system, High Pressure and Low Pressure Carbon Dioxide system

Water Mist System
Foam concentrates – AFFF, Alcohol Resistant Foam, Environmental safe foam
Foam systems and hardware
Foam and water monitors
Water and foam nozzles, fittings and appliances
Water Spray systems
Deluge valve assemblies and skid units
Water sprinkler systems with associated valves, pumps and controls
Portable and wheeled extinguishers
Fire hoses and accessories
Hose station cabinets and accessories
Hydrants and fittings, fire main systems
Large Dry chemical systems and agents
Fire detection, alarm and control systems (addressable & conventional)
Gas and Flame Detection System
Explosion Proof equipment for Fire system
Vehical Fire Protection System
Wet Chemical Kitchen Suppression System

Featuring the CHECKFIRE AXP System with Quad IR Optical Sensors, Experience immerses guests in a fire scenario starting from ignition to detection to actuation to suppression. Guests will interact with the CHECKFIRE AXP System’s single control module as it effectively manages various zones, including engine rooms and electrical cabinets.

Experience include Liquid Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems, INERGEN® Clean Agent Systems, linear detection wire and spot thermal detectors.